Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

We woke up thinking perhaps today would be a good opportunity to try several more Yuen Long eateries so we put on our walking shoes and began our Yuen Long Snacking Stroll Part 2.

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Yoho Mall

Prior to beginning our stroll, we decided to park at Yoho Mall I (last time we parked in Yoho Mall II) because it boasted a dog-friendly environment. Simply stated, you can walk through the mall with your friendly canine friend (15kg or less) and enjoy outdoor seating at several of the restaurants boasting gardens and terraces. Awesomesauce! We intend to bring Buddy, our Beagle, for our next Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll…particularly so he can enjoy his first mall experience!!! The restaurants highlight somewhat pedestrian, if not interesting, fare and average wine lists, but we are thinking a beer in the garden of Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant would be a wonderful adventure for Buddy…and perhaps some good German beer on tap for us!

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Tam Chai Yunnan Noodles

Tam Chai Yunnan Noodles 譚仔雲南米

Kwong Wah Centre, 34-46 Fau Tsoi St, Yuen Long

We happily departed the Yoho Mall I to begin our stroll. First stop was Tam Chai Yunnan Noodles 譚仔雲南米線 . A very clean and, dare we say, fancy outlet of this fairly famous Hong Kong restaurant. Apparently, a family of brothers have decided to do something similar, but different, when serving spicy noodles. Ah, family! In any event, the waitresses at this outlet actually place your order by iPhone…seriously!!! By the way, we thought it might be useful for our English speaking/reading audience to point out you will have no problem at this noodle shop as the menus, if not the waitresses, are fluent in Anglo. We munched on the following:

Mouth Watering Chicken Wings 重慶口水雞翼. Well, we got the hint of the “ma la” spice 麻辣, but our mouths did not water. The chicken quality was OkeyDokey. The flavour equally OkeyDokey. Nothing special here!

Cucumber in Special Chili Sauce 紅油青瓜. We pretty much try this dish at every spicy noodle restaurant we visit. What can we say, we are cuckoo for cucumbers. Good cucumbers, but a dull, sweet spicy sauce resulted in half the dish being returned to the kitchen upon our departure.

Spicy Sichuan Noodle Soup With Chives 麻辣過橋米線. A winner as the soup was yummy to sip with our spoons (straws optional), the noodles soaked up the soup nicely and the flavours were excellent. The chives-only element was useful as we detest when they fill-up the bowl with slivers of tofu and other such stuff. Chives only, please!

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Lo Dim Dim Sum

Lo Dim Dim Sum老點點心缽仔飯

23 Hong King St, Yuen Long 

We decided our next stop should be for dim sum. Another “must” on any street nibble stroll, we absolutely love dim sum and can say it is the only type of Cantonese food we miss when away from Hong Kong for more than a few weeks. We chose Lo Dim Dim Sum 老點點心缽仔飯 . Well, folks, that was a mistake. Although the venue is quite swish with a light, fresh brick decor and offering antique-like stylish tableware, we were here to eat. Sadly, Lo Dim is the definition of form over substance. Equally, this venue is not English friendly. We sampled (and barely finished 30% of any dish…Buddy was happy to eat the balance upon our return home…he being not of a discerning palate Beagle) the following:

Hong Kong Style Steamed Pork & Rice 排骨缽仔飯. Average. Pork good. Rice average. Not as good as Big Belly.

Char Siu Bao 蜜味叉燒包. Over-fluffed pastry with dull pork. ‘Nuff said!

Har Gau 冬筍鮮𧎚餃. Our favourite dim sum dish ruined. Cute way to serve. The dumpling dough literally fell-off the shrimp. Horrible!

Spring Rolls with Shrimp 千島鮮蝦春卷. Slightly crunchy outside, mushy inside and shrimps tasted like they had been washed in dishwater. Thousand Island dip, really!? Loser from A to Z

Ham Shui Got 芝心鹹水角. With cheese and pork? Terrible!

Chun Fung with Shrimp 珍寶鮮蝦腸粉. As expected, no better than the Har Gau. Cut into small pieces before served…not sure we like when they mess with the standard way to serve.

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Sun Kee Noodle Shop

Sun Kee NoodleShop生記山西刀削麵

Castle Peak Road 212

We were major-league disappointed at this point. Dim Sum always features in our street nibbles strolls. We now were in a desperate need of a pick-me-up and the Sun Kee Noodle Shop 生記山西刀削麵 did the trick! Fantabulous!!! A relatively ordinary, standard layout, reasonably clean noodle shop. Chef is a “specialist” with noodles. Hey, we know “specialists” with pasta so we were all-in for the event. We saw Chef, he smiled and waved and then started his thing, which is slicing the noodles one-by-one off a large piece of dough. A visual treat, great showmanship and, well, the end product was mucho-yummy. If you do not speak Chinese, you will find this place to be a challenge…but a worthy one at that!

Spicy Noodle with Shredded Chicken 川辣刀削麵. OMYG. Forget the spicy (just a nudge above average heat) and the chicken (note it was very good) and focus on the noodles. The texture was stunning. The noodle soaked up the sauce like they had been made from the sauce. The taste of the noodles, we would imagine, would be just as good, albeit different, without the sauce. Folks, this is a MUST for noodle (or even pasta) lovers. Exceptional!!!

Green Bean Noodles with Peanut and Spicy Sauce 川北涼粉. A most interesting noodle made from green beans and doused with an excellent spicy sauce with peanuts. Hard to follow the previous dish, which is sad because this one was almost as yummy. Yet again, the mastery of noodles shined as the little rectangular tubes were outstanding. Wow!!!

Yuen Long Street Nibbles Stroll Part 2

Shaffi’s Indian Restaurant

Shaffi’s Indian Restaurant 石崗咖喱屋

14 Fau Tsoi St 

We were – with the exception of Lo Dim – happily stuffed to our gills so we took a little longer walk, did some shopping and finally arrived at Shaffi’s Indian Restaurant 石崗咖喱屋. Although we once had takeaway from Shaffi’s, we were keen to eat there if not for any other reason than to say we had ticked-off a visit from our Yuen Long “must do” list. The restaurant gives another word to tight seating. Equally, please do not use the toilet because than you have to walk by the door to the kitchen and, well, you might get ill. Dirty on steroids does not do it justice. Perhaps that is the secret to making very good Indian food. We do not know. We have been trying to obliterate the image of the big pan of raw meat on a thin tray resting uncomfortably on an inch or two of grime on the floor. Oh my… A big plus is everyone, mostly Filipinos and local Indians, speak English. If we were in Central, Hong Kong or Mayfair, London, we would not have been impressed. However, in a district in the Western New Territories of Hong Kong? Very, very good!

Amuse bouche (really!?) of Springs Rolls with Veggies and Fried Onion Dumpling. Too funny, don’t ya think, when an Indian restaurant offers you an “amuse bouche”? Well, the waitress actually said this is a complimentary starter. Same same…the French are coming, the French are coming. Sadly, the spring roll was worse than that served at Lo Dim, while the fried onion dumpling was, well, fried yumminess.

Vegetable Samosa. Good flavour, but the dough was a bit too thick. Huge serving of three pieces so Buddy, our Beagle, was in for a very nice treat!

Fish Vindaloo. Excellent, super spicy and we definitely remembered the dish the next morning as we completed our meal…on the toilet. No, really, we had hoped for that experience, and we were delighted the end was as satisfying as the beginning. You can order the normal spice-level, and we think it likely will be very good. Or go big like we did and, well, happy ouch!

Garlic Naan. Very good. We ate a bit without the Vindaloo just to taste the untarnished garlic, which was excellent. Thereafter, we smothered with the Vindaloo and, wow, it was excellent.


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