Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui Street Nibbles Stroll

Sheung Shui

Despite being dubbed the China-Hong Kong parallel trading hub for milk powder, cheap Carlo Rossi wine and virtually every other knick-knack known to human kind, we decided to go for a Street Nibbles Stroll in Sheung Shui, which is the last stop on the train to the Mainland.

We arrived in the town centre and, as luck would have it, happened upon a car-park space on the street. For a little more than USD2.50, we were able to park for two hours while strolling along the bustling, chaotic and crowded streets of Sheung Shui. Within minutes of arriving, you will notice the plethora of people squatting over open suitcases where they are stuffing all manner of non-perishable goods for a journey across the border. It is annoying as we were taught to believe sidewalks were created for walking. However, you have to be impressed with the work ethic of these traveling salespeople.

Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui


Ba La Spicy Noodle Shop (巴辣仔)

14 San Cheung St, Sheung Shui
Cash Only

Our first stop was at Ba La Spicy Noodle Shop (巴辣仔). A Cantonese play on words meaning “kick-ass”, this shop boasted the sort of spicy noodles that you would remember while eating and, well, the next day on the toilet. We cannot yet comment on tomorrow, but we have to rate the spiciness of the shop as a “thumbs down”. Simply stated, we think Kentucky Fried Chicken’s version of “hot wings”, which are anything but “hot”, are far spicier than the bowls of noodles served here. The use of potato wedges in one bowl and cheap pork sausages in the other offered nothing. Give this one a miss…albeit the people were very friendly.

Sheung Shui


Dim Chung Wong (點盅皇)

Lung Fung Garden Block A, 33 Lung Sum Ave, Sheung Shui,
Cash Only

Chung Fun (腸粉) is one of our favourite street nibbles. Steamed rolled rice noodles dipped in plum and peanut sauce…marvie! Dim Chung Wong’s Chung Fun – not the sauce – was good!!!

Tong Kee Dim Sum (東記點心餃子)

8 San Cheung St, Sheung Shui,
Cash Only

Tong Kee Dim Sum (東記點心餃子). We decided to finish the stroll with some time-honoured and cherished dim sum snacks. Sadly, this small restaurant did not impress.

Har Gau. (蝦餃) (steamed shrimp dumplings). The dumplings were too sticky and ripped away from the shrimp, which was flavourless. Dull…

Chun Guen. (春卷) (spring rolls). Over-fried, crispy to the point of burnt with chewy veggies inside. Awful.

Chung Fun with Shrimp. (原隻鮮蝦腸粉) (rice noodle roll). Freshly made. The rice noodle roll was pretty good. The shrimps, yet again, had no personality. Best dish of a losing dim sum experience.

Curry Beef Dumplings. (咖哩牛肉餃). Only positive comment here was you could taste the curry. Having said that, you almost wish you had not. Yucky-pooh!

Steamed Rice with Chicken Feet and Pork. (鳳爪排骨飯). Bewildering to think how they possibly cocked up this dish, but the did so in Olympic fashion. Clearly last place as the rice was slightly hard, chicken feet nearly liquified and the pork tasted like, well, nothing.


If you want to roll up your sleeves and “go native” in the New Territories, then skip Sheung Shui and drive the extra ten minutes to Yuen Long. If you are keen to experience parallel-trading on steroids, then Sheung Shui is worth the walk…fascinating!


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