Locando nel Borgo Antico 👍👍👍👌

Wow, stunning, modern farmhouse with an exceedingly contemporary funky design. We are hopeful our photos do justice…not too many farmers can boast a “farmhouse” like this one!

We were greeted by the wife – Luciana – at the front door. Chef Massimo Camia visited to say hello, albeit his English is far from his best language…and our Italian is virtually non-existent! They both smiled when we mentioned Chef Antimo of [L’Altro HK, now Otto e Mezzo Macau]. Thanks, Mino!

Antipastini offered an excellent selection of cod fish, shot glass of strachino cheese with pear and walnuts (off the hook yummy) and a lil red pepper with a dollop of tuna. Absolutely fantabulous start!!!

Another antipastini – please – of chickpea soup and a slice of sausage. Soup very smooth and tasty with a good dollop of, yes you guessed it, olive oil. Yummy!

Good, not great, bread…whew…we need to save our quota for Chef’s upcoming feast!

Aperitif of 2008 “Reserva Elena” Brut Podere Rocche dei Manzoni. A very, very nice start and worthy of sipping…a glass!

Shared some of our Chardonnay + Barolo with the waiter, Chef’s wife and Chef…very happy people!!! Always good to keep such people happy when partaking in their ambience!

9:30pm and the place is 90% empty. We are lucky they opened as many others – Piazza Dumo of 3 star fame – are closed this time of year.

So, who chose the lounge, ’70s + ’80s music playing softly all night long!? Some of our favs…

Nice cellar of 2000 bottles…mostly Barolo given their location, which is not a bad thing!


Bottles of:

2007 “Angelica” Langhe d.o.c. Chardonnay in Carati, Rocche dei Manzoni, Monforte d’Alba. After Gavi, Timorasso and Arneis the last few days, we decided to fall back on a nice Chardonnay. Yes, we know not indigenous, but we think, arguably, Gaia & Rey is the greatest Chardonnay on the planet so why not try a neighbour!? Oh, sorry, we mean a very, very nice Chardonnay with just a hint of oak, excellent minerality reminiscent of Burgundy, hints of vanilla and caramel and, we think we just had some California Chardonnay, albeit not as overwhelming on the nose and palate. A bit short on the finish. Not a “wow” wine, but one we would sip again!!! It was spectacular after nearly two hours…a really nice Chard!!!

2000 “Cannubi” Michele Chiarlo Barolo. The waiter tried to sell us the 2005, which was cheaper, because of our fish dish.  Apparently the younger vintage would be less strong…no way, Jose, we wanted a big Cannubi Barolo!!! We had to explain to him we would rather focus on the wine and not let food interfere. We think he got it…well, we got the 2000 so there ya go. Oh my ears and whiskers, danger Will Robinson danger (Lost in Space), OMYG, stunning…did you get our drift!? Huge, but soft, dirt! We taste rosemary….please! Some vanilla…seriously!? Dunno what the 2005 is like, but exceedingly happy we are to be sipping this stunning Noble Grape!!!


Prawns – still swimming – with citrus and some fresh leaves and a sorbet. Excellent…better if cooked, i.e. dead, a little.

Scallops roasted with a potato puree and topped by black truffles. Our waiter kindly removed the black truffles for one of us…yuck…and we both had a mega-yummy experience with exceptionally well-prepared scallops and a soft, polished puree.

Tortellini with pumpkins and white truffles. We do not understand why one would dump all those ‘shrooms on such a beautiful pasta, but such is the craze. One of us is a truffle-piggy so some happiness!

Fettucini with prawns and a light tomato sauce. Good, not great, dish. Fettucini is excellently prepared al dente. We ate 3/4. Already full!

Finished antipastini, starters and pasta in one hour. Frogs know better how to eat slowly despite the Italians claim to creating “the slow food movement”. Odd…

Veal cheek with Barolo wine sauce over a bed of mashed potato. OMYG……AWESOME! We almost had to raise the white flag raising in surrender. So soft that giving we did not even require a butter-knife…that would be an insult!

White fish – dunno – over a bead of leafy spinach. Frankly, without the spinach, we would say an average dish. Spinach made the fish!

Petit four…excellent!!!!

Hey, c’mon, we had to drive down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere Barolo – which is not unusual – and we landed in Heaven!!!


Locando nel Borgo Antico👍👍👍👌
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Locando nel Borgo Antico

Locando nel Borgo Antico

Antipastini - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Antipastini - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Antipastini - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Scallops with foie gras - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Prawns - Locando nel Borgo Antico

"Cannubi" Michele Chiarlo Barolo 2000 - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Tortello with truffles - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Fettuccini - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Veal cheek - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Fish - Locando nel Borgo Antico

Petit fours - Locando nel Borgo Antico