Day 7: A bitza this, a bitza that

Go Big or Go Home – November Birthday Month Celebrations Not For The Faint of Heart

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Day 7: A bitza this, a bitza that

We embarked late morning for Wanchai, a district on Hong Kong Island with a bitza this, a bitza that…always fun!

Desiring, hoping and praying for exceptional Mexican fare, we parachuted into Verde Mar.  A self-proclaimed oasis of all things yummy Mexican, we found Verde Mar to be, well, average at best.  Somewhat soggy nachos, doughy burritos and nary a bottle of Mexican wine on the list (yes, Mexico has some good wine), the only positive light was the friendly service.  Alas, our search for exceptional, heck just good Mexican food, continues…

Not to be deterred and far from full, we decided to try the teeny little Japanese noodle shop known as Kamitora Ramen.  Happy we were with very good ramen. Not delirious, but reasonably satisfied.  We would not go out of our way for their ramen – the flavours did not soak into the noodles as desired – but we would not seek out other such shops if in the vicinity and yearning for a fix.

Still seeking a little more to end the snackin’ part of the day, we popped into 22 Ships.  We have been before.  We probably will not go again.  The food was good, but not enthralling.  The service was curt as the kitchen was closing in 30+ minutes.  The chefs were busy cooking food for the staff and offered little time to answer our questions regarding some of the dishes.  The glasses of wine were served with a huff… Sorry, folks, but a tapas bar with snooty staff and disengaged chefs is, well, unworthy of our praise…albeit the Padron Peppers were yummy!

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…to be continued


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