Day 4: Little Thailand in Hong Kong

Go Big or Go Home – November Birthday Month Celebrations Not For The Faint of Heart

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Day 4: Little Thailand in Hong Kong

We engaged in some kidney and liver cleansing reflexology in the morning before an adventurous jaunt to “Little Thailand” in Kowloon City.

Hong Kong has everything known to the five senses, particularly when seeking fantabulous food.  However, Hong Kong also has a local palate that, generally, eschews spicy food, which often results in “dumbing-down” the dishes to ensure a steady flow of clientele.

We find ourselves on the opposite side of the spectrum seeking to sweat profusely whenever embarking on a gastronomic visit to The Land of a Thousand Smiles.  Alas, were were far from impressed as both Lung Jie (Peelong) Thai and Amporn Thai offered only a little to satisfy our longing for super-spicy Siam salaciousness.  We shall return and continue our quest as “Little Thailand” in Kowloon City has no shortage of choices…we are confident one of them will rise to the occasion.

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…to be continued


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