Day 1: Roots

Go Big or Go Home – November Birthday Month Celebrations Not For The Faint of Heart


It was a late, unseasonably warm October day in Hong Kong when we decided to research, plan and begin designing a slew of 30 November birthday month celebrations.  Perhaps it was the weather?  Or was it Bacchus aka Dionysus twisting our five senses? Or as Saint Thomas Aquinas opined in Summa Theologiae an inordinate desire of eating and drinking – gluttony?

Nay, pray tell, it simply reflected our wish to embark on a perilous, yet fab, culinary journey to include everything from simple sippin’ ’n snackin’ to decadent Michelin Star consumption…and everything in between.

Et voila, buckle up and prepare yourself for 30 days of pure debauchery…except for the occasional “break days” and daily workouts designed, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, to stave off losing The Battle of the Bulge!

Day 1: Roots

With our roots being well-entrenched in all Chinese cuisines, Hong Kong style, we trundled down the road to Yuen Long for a three hour culinary stroll.

Dress code exceedingly casual, we began with spicy Sun Kee Noodle Shop生記山西刀削麵.  We love watching the “chef” slice the noodles from a large, cylindrical piece of dough directly into our plate before drowning the same with his proprietary bright red soup.  If you push – and we are nothing if not good at pushing – the boss lady will happily serve up the spiciest of spicy noodles they can muster without local regulatory fines.  Beware: your toilet will never forget you the next day!

Sun Kee Noodle Shop生記山西刀削麵

We followed with a few dishes of dim sum (Har Gau, Siu Mai, Chuen Fun) at  Big Belly Dim Sum Restaurant 大肚腩點心腸粉專門店.  These lil luvlies are served as classical, bite size pieces, which ensures all the yumminess slathers down your throat rather than adorning your neck.  Two people?  No problem, two pieces.  No need to battle over that third piece with your partner or fear the second delectable of four may cause you to explode.  Perfect!

Big Belly Dim Sum Restaurant 大肚腩點心腸粉專門店

Given no wine during our local stroll, we popped open a 2013 Fisher Vineyards Chardonnay The Unity in the evening. We adore Fisher wines, and we love the Fisher story – we often hum “we are family”.  From A to Z, a winning formula!!!

…to be continued


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