Casanova Restaurant

Casanova Restaurant, Milan ūüĎĆ

Our¬†status with Starwood resulted in an extremely reasonable offer, along with good reviews, to try The Westin Milan’s restaurant. ¬†We had a similar offer¬†at The St. Regis in Rome, and we were well ‘n truly surprised!!! ¬†Alore, here we go again! ¬†Sadly, this place did not work!

Every table – four – full of Yanks…the bad kinds. ¬†The “Ugly American” in the table next to us¬†– sporting jeans and a t-shirt at what is considered a “fine dining” restaurant – just started playing some loud music on his iPhone. We¬†gave him “the”¬†look. ¬†The music stopped. Idiot…but at least trainable!!!


The Maitre’d / Sommelier – Gianluca – said we can sip¬†as much as we want as long as we choose the wine in consultation with him. ¬†Danger, Will Robinson, Danger (Lost in Space). We¬†warned¬†him in advance things could get wonderfully ugly. ¬†Obviously, something was lost in translation, but still fun, as the interesting wine we¬†requested was¬†not forthcoming despite being very reasonably priced. No problem lah…we will follow Gianluca!

Odd wine list with no vintages. ¬†How do you choose a wine when you do not know the year? ¬†In some circumstances, i.e. high school dating, age matters…with prejudice! ¬†The “labels”¬†definitely would be¬†expensive, but hard to tell without vintages. Strange…2nd time we have had this experience with the previous restaurant boasting two Michelin stars status!

Glasses of:

  • Prosecco Jeio Basol. Pretty good…for a prosecco…and a pleasant starter.

  • 2008¬†Gewurztraminer Lageder, Alto Adige. OkeyDokey, despite our general lack of interest in this varietal.

  • 2011¬†Cascina Felpu dei Massaretti, Rivera Ligure di Ponente, Pigato. Average drop…Pigato is similar to¬†Vermentino. ¬†A little rough in this instance.


Antipastini of octopus salad with tomatoes, peppers, celery, lettuce and olives. Good flavours. Octopus cooked a bit too much.  Sadly, if you over-cook the octopus, you screw the pooch with this dish!

Spaghetti chittara with crab meat, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes. Love the spaghetti long-time. ¬†Excellent texture, perfectly cooked…slam dunk! ¬†Broccoli cooked to the point of a Geneva Code violation for torture…did you say Yank “prisoners of war” shameful conduct!? ¬†In this case, despite the torture visited upon the broccoli, it was not screaming “I am good”…too bad!

Blue fin tuna tartar with avocado, celery and olive oil.¬†¬†Exceptional. Large portion. ¬†We were put-off with¬†the “tartar” in cube-form….not working for us. ¬†We think you either kill the lil tuna…or slice it so thin that the texture does not feel chewy. ¬†Give us medium cooked tuna or give us crudo!

John Doury on a potato puree with fried mushrooms.  Huge Yank-size serving. Sadly, a boring dish from a flavour perspective so we only finished 1/3rd and lied, for the benefit of the chef, about having a big, late lunch earlier in the day.

Risotto with Osso Bucco. Excellent¬†risotto…we have hope for the chef because pasta and risotto MUST be top-shelf for any chance at salvation. ¬†The Osso Bucco was flavoured well, but we¬†had to use a knife…bad sign…we used the same lie as the John Doury to justify leaving 2/3rds on the plate.

We skipped offers of dessert wines, dessert, first born of the Chef…we think they figured out we were none too impressed. Oh well, we tried. Not a return restaurant!!!


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Casanova Restaurant ūüĎĆ
The Westin Palace, Milan
Piazza della Repubblica 20, Milan, 20124

Photos (Casanova Restaurant)

Casanova Restaurant


Casanova Restaurant

Spaghetti chittara with crab meat, broccoli and sun dried tomatoes

Casanova Restaurant

Blue fin tuna tartar with avocado, celery and olive oil

Casanova Restaurant

Risotto with Osso Bucco

Casanova Restaurant

John Doury on a potato puree with fried mushrooms